5 Best Alternative Products to the Hitachi Magic Wand Available at Adam & Eve

It’s absolutely no secret that the Hitachi Magic Wand is the gold standard in massage wands and vibrators.

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14 min readNov 26, 2020

For years, sex toy reviewers have used its simple design, and powerful rumbles as the vibrator everything else is compared to. But, maybe you want to look beyond the boomer era basic and get a magic wand review that offers more? I good body wand massager is a must-have for every woman, and with so many versatile options, if you tried the Hitachi and didn’t like it, these five will probably make you want to give it a second shot.

Oh- and if you’ve never used one, consider this post also as your tour on how to use a wand massager for best orgasmic results! Not only are there all sorts of new personal wand massager options on the market, but there’s also an amazing selection of Hitachi wand attachments available now, too, to enhance what you have. In my review, I’ll also touch on options for getting the most out of your personal massager wand by yourself and with a partner, as well as a few don’ts.


The Adam & Eve Magic Massager Deluxe 8 hints it’s the best feature in the name: 8 speeds and toe-curling, sensation building patterns. As a wand massager, the vibrations are in the head, as you would expect, but the bright red control button is an easy toggle, taking the simple idea of the Hitachi wand somewhere spectacular. Also, like the original vibrating wand that inspired it, the soft, textured rubber head can focus on your most sensitive spots or cover whole areas for more diffused and warming sensations. I like to use it with a partner, harnessing the powerful motor in the magic wand vibrator to turn their whole body into an extension of the magic wand sex toy. Pressed to a thigh, the Adam and Eve wand is strong enough to give a spectacular ride.

As an in house brand, with their years of selling every vibrator variant under the sun, the Adam and Eve magic massager is specifically built with all the features that people crave in a magic wand vibrator, but also improving on the limitations of the massage wands of years past. It offers a much quieter bedroom companion than the original Hitachi wand, without sacrificing the power. But, like the original Hitachi magic wand, it’s corded, so your session can go on and on.

Unsurprisingly, as a corded vibrator, this toy is not water safe, and you cannot take this into the bath or shower with you. You may also consider investing in some toy cleaner since you can not fully immerse the unit to wash it. Additionally, if you are sharing with a partner, consider placing a condom over the head as a shield for a safer long term experience.

One tip I learned in testing -do not forget a little lube on the head, and be sure to mix up sensations with those settings if you are going for a marathon session with your Adam and Eve magic wand! Those patterns are going to come in particularly handy to keep you sensitive after the first buzz to climax.


If you want stylish and modern, white and rose gold, tease the eye with luxury before you tease the heck out of your body with this wireless wand massager. As well as looks, the Adam and Eve Magic Massager also offers a plethora of settings. There are ten in total that mix and match patterns and speed. Everyone’s body is a little different, so one person’s orgasmic 3 is another person’s warm-up 6 and finishing 8. If this is your first time with a wand massager, do not get discouraged. Just relax and find your best combination. This is another place that the magic wand massager shows its strength as each pattern setting can be individually moved up and down in intensity.

As I have already mentioned, I’m a huge fan of sharing a magic wand massager with a partner, and there’s something uniquely sexy about learning which settings work whereon someone else. Male or female, the magic wand rechargeable gives you two hours of USB charged battery life to really get to know each other. However, do not do what I did, and be sure to plug it in well before your planned tryst! The intense power of this rechargeable wand massager is going to take three hours of plugin time before it’s going to give you the best results. We managed fine on a partial charge, but if I am going to have a threesome with a wireless wand vibrator, I would like it to be able to show itself off to its best advantage.

And yes, you probably are making comparisons to the Hitachi magic wand rechargeable. To answer those questions, the biggest difference is that it’s going to offer you much the same power with more settings and the same size. It’s also less than half the price. However, like almost every magic wand rechargeable I can find, it is not waterproof. No taking your cordless wand massager into the bath, and no full immersion when it’s getting its post play clean off.

Like the Hitachi, this toy is wand attachment friendly, and I use mine with my favorites without a problem. If you already own some add ons or are considering enhancing what you have, you should have no problems mixing between makers.


The Magic Wand Rechargeable is probably the most obvious alternative to its corded older sibling, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth a review in its own right. At first glance, the cordless magic wand resembles the plugin version, down to its blue and white color scheme. However, though the magic wand rechargeable vibrator might be significantly more expensive than similar models, it boasts a lot of unique features.

I’m particularly excited that the Hitachi magic wand cordless now has a silicone head. This material is my absolute favorite out of the new body-safe options you can get, although bear in mind that silicone can be a bit grippy, so you will want to invest in a good lube too. Additionally, the jury is still out on if the Hitachi magic wand rechargeable will tolerate silicone on silicone, so better stick to water-based lube here.

In testing, the rechargeable magic wand has also lost the clicky switch of the Original and traded it for three soft buttons to get you a four-speed, four pattern mix, and match experience. It has not sacrificed any of the potency of its ancestor, but with more power control, you will not need to use a towel as a buffer between the buzz and the more sensitive parts of your body. That was my favorite trick for a toy that’s too much to start but amazing when you are ready.

With the setting controls on different buttons, even fuzzy-headed and at the edge of coming, I can still angle the smooth plastic shaft just right while popping in the pattern that will get me the rest of the way there. It has not lost any of the weight of the original magic wand, but I find it’s 13" length makes it particularly maneuverable for solo operation.

As you might imagine, since it is part of the authentic family of massage wands that descended from the original Hitachi, it will work with all the usual wand attachments. Everything will fit snuggly, and the silicone head will not be particularly prone to marking.

Please keep in mind; however, it’s got a proprietary charger. That’s not a bad thing, though! You can use it to plug in and play at the same time. And, once charged, when unplugged, the magic wand rechargeable vibrator will never suddenly abruptly shut off when you twist it to a better angle. I have done this to myself with corded only models, and I cannot overstate the pure value of a no thoughts, just give in to the orgasm experience going cordless gives me. Nonetheless, don’t get too carried away with your vibrator’s freedom. You still cannot take the toy into the shower.

Still, with all the improvements they keep making to the basic model, I’m excited to see where this household name of sex toys will go next.


The lush pink, silicone wrapped Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager is significantly shorter at 7.5" than the 13" of a typical body wand, but it still deserves a place in your toybox. Consider it your best in class for a waterproof wand massager, a very underserved niche.

Easy to grip, with seven settings to get you off, it might classify as a body wand mini massager, but the head’s still large enough to carry some of those big wands diffused sensations that I find make the category of handheld wand vibrator so addictive. True, you aren’t going to find this vibrator is particularly attachment ready, but the peak wand massager makes up for it with its aforementioned environmental versatility, beating out most other options to bring near old school Hitachi level rumbles even into the bath. I’ve found that’s usually been the trade-off in testing water safe magic wand alternatives, but not with this one!

This toy is a lazy, me time vibrating wand that is light to hold. It’s the sort of toy that should be just you, a scented candle and a door locked against all the cares in the world. And before you ask, yes, the pure enrichment vibrator is nice and quiet, as bathrooms are universally the least soundproofed place in the house.

With the peak wand vibrator, I’ve found a toy where the only loud noises that happened were coming out of me. And well, by that point, in my case, I wasn’t about to be as self-conscious as I am starting out on a little solo play, when worrying about if the rumbles are carrying down the pipes can be a mood wrecker.

Brought to bed with another person, this vibrator is a cute and not particularly intimidating toy that would be particularly good both for the easy clean nature of silicone and it’s very non-threatening size and blushing color. As a Hitachi alternative, if the original magic wand promises to make the bed thump, this one is a friendly and inviting giggle.


Corded, and in the same color scheme as the Magic Wand Original, it might be tempting to dismiss the Magic Wand Plus option as more of the same. However, there’s a reason why the old two settings corded workhorse made “Hitachi “ synonymous with “ wand vibrator.” That was not just their initial power, but the brand’s ongoing commitment to improved engineering. Not only has the manufacturer made a few serious tweaks to improve power and volume since it’s debut mid-century, now it caps it’s 12 inches with a very modern silicone head on a flexible neck.

The original magic wand vibrator offered two speeds, but the plus has brought that up to four. I would typify that as ranging from gentle to jet engine, with the other two in the middle giving you a nice transition. Because of the possible power scope, I like that with this control system, you can easily toggle that up or down, as some vibrating wand massager designs can leave you frantically cycling through patterns when all you wanted was to adjust intensity.

I also liked that I could still operate it with slippery fingers. While the shaft of that toy is still hard plastic, there’s enough grip in the buttons to get exactly the setting I want, when I want it. Using a towel as a buffer is gone; just a little lube and an orgasm are as instant and reliable as turning it on and letting yourself relax into it.

Like the Hitachi Wand Original it descends from, its other strength is that most vibrating wand massager attachments are designed with it in mind, fitted to cap snuggly on its familiar thick head. And, although the brand name is now truncated officially to “Magic Wand” and the maker now under the name “Vibratex,” the engineering and potency of the Hitachi magic wand original are still there, with the same very reliable Japanese design quality.

Other than the thigh trembling orgasms and the actually very good job it does as a non-erotic wand massager (no, seriously, try it after the gym!), the detachable cord is another new innovation. The Massage Wand Plus will not hold a charge unplugged, but stick it in a socket, and you will run out of juice before it does. Afterward, you will extend the life of your product by being able to stow the cord more safely. This might sound trivial, but cord detachment from wrapping the cord around its length was a leading cause of device failure.

Magic Wand Attachments Take It Up Another Level

The Magic Wand is the center of a lively mod community that’s led to some breakthrough attachments. People have been using some variant of this toy since 1968, and while the original designers tinkered and improved their product, its user base also added their own innovation in the form of Hitachi magic wand attachments.

With its place as the iPhone of orgasms, the Magic Wand Original, and its newer cousins, the Plus and Rechargeable, has enough adopters to be the biggest focus of aftermarket parts, with everyone from independent sex toy designers to the biggest brands all getting in on the game. These attachments can transform your vibrating wand massager into everything from a rabbit vibe to a prostate toy. Regardless of what feature it offers, most massage wand attachments function as easy as swapping out specially molded caps on the head of the toy, using its standard size for a reliable fit.

Additionally, since there are many toys that are close to the Hitachi in scale, most body wand attachments will also work perfectly well with other personal massagers sold by Adam & Eve. Since there are too many attachments to cover in one post, so I’ll just give you the two I keep next to my wand massager and why I think they’re the best options.


I can not talk about the best magic wand attachments without singing the praises of what Adam and Eve has done with the rabbit wand attachment. The original rabbit was my second ever sex toy, so while I personally prefer more power than a typical rabbit offers, it was the first grab when I was branching out into trying Hitachi magic wand attachments. Like it’s namesake, this wand attachment offers those same buzzy, clit tickling ears and a shapely bulb to bring those vibrations inside me. Unlike a typical rabbit, it’s got a way more g-spot focused curve. Additionally, as body wand attachments go, I am particularly fond of those vertical ridges, which increase the potency of the least little back and forth thrust.

Although I tried other rabbit mimicking Hitachi wand attachments, this one had the advantage that the pink cup-shaped cap cradles and fits the head of other massage wands, making it more versatile. It’s also in the middle range of insertable length, hanging out just deep enough at 4.5 inches. This is important as overly ambitious Hitachi attachments can fail to diffuse the vibrations the full length of the toy.

And, it’s made of flexible, body-safe, and latex-free TPE, which in the world of aftermarket Hitachi magic wand attachments is something to check for. The Adam & Eve brand tends to put safety first in all their products. Do keep that in mind when shopping. Not only is there a lively trade in counterfeit vibrators, some of the best designs, and even inspire copycat magic wand attachments.


Remember how I said partner fun was one of my favorite things to do with a magic wand? Of course, there are wand attachments for that. I’ve been taking vibrators to bed with boyfriends since I first got one (a vibrator, not a boyfriend!), but the Adam and Eve turbo stroker was one of the first Hitachi wand attachments I had to get. We are currently living in a male sex toy golden age, so do indulge in a magic wand stroker for him too.

Are you not sold yet? Textured, stretchy TPR in a clear color will give you a softness that warms quickly to his body. The body wand stroker attachment will fit on most larger headed wands and is otherwise easy to use.

Put a little water-based lube inside the wand stroker and along his shaft and slide its tight grip onto him. You can use your hand to further control the body wand stroker attachment and increase its tightness, but expect as soon as you turn the vibrations on, he will be bucking for more.

Sure, just going head to the shaft with your wand will already get him going! However, the body wand stroker is just the magic wand attachment to take sharing your toy from exciting to blowing his mind.

Happy Vibing!

I hope that’s done the job of inspiring you with ideas of not only what to try when you look for Hitachi magic wand alternatives, but also some new way to use what you have already, alone or with a partner.

Since there’s no review better than real experience, why not share how your wand massager blew your mind or what tricks you do to get the most out of your favorite?

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